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Contracts & Forms Task Force

This committee makes a concerted effort to review and monitor all contracts offered and assure the newest changes are incorporated into contracts. This committee tracks changes in the law that would affect the language included in the current forms and makes the necessary revisions to such forms as well as develop any new forms that may be requested by the membership, if appropriate, or as may be required by law.
10 members. 5 members with a 2 year term and 5 with a 1 year term.
Chair: Steve Hudson | Vice-Chair: Gene Meltser | Staff Liaison: Steve Volkodav


Diversity & Fair Housing Committee

As America becomes more diverse it becomes important that all REALTORS® understand different cultures. The Committee's mission is to promote and support a diverse and welcoming community with housing choices and opportunities free from housing discrimination. The Committee aims to assure that policies and practices relating to fair housing are interwoven into the fabric of the public.
10 members. 5 members with a 2 year term and 5 with a 1 year term.
Chair: Bob Parris | Vice-Chair: Mary Rosinski | Staff Liaison: Steve Volkodav


Ethics Citation Committee

This group of members reviews all complaints filed through the Ethics Citation Program. This Panel will review the information presented in the complaint and, taking all information in the complaint as true on its face value, will determine if there would be a potential violation of the Code of Ethics and whether a citation should be issued.
Minimum of 10 members. Members will have a staggered 3 year term.
Chair: Michael Mazzei  | Staff Liaison: Becky Carraher


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the organizations budget. Their sole responsibility is to ensure the organization is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services to the membership.
Minimum of 6 members. Maximum of 10 members.
Chair: Bill Coduto | Staff Liaison: Steve Volkodav


Global Council

The Global Council highlights the global business opportunities available to the real estate industry in the North Shore-Barrington Association of REALTORS® area.
Minimum of 10 members
Chair: Carrie Healy | Vice-Chair: Joy Axelson | Staff Liaison: Steve Volkodav


Government & Political Issues Committee

The Government and Political Issues Committee (GPIC) is charged with reviewing and advocating for or against local public policies, and aiding the Illinois REALTORS® (IR) and National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), respectively, with state and federal lobbying efforts. Additionally, the GPIC makes reviews and recommendations for candidate support by way of the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC).
Minimum of 20 members. Members will have a staggered 3 year term.
Chair: Don Gelfund | Vice-Chair: Carrie Healy | Staff Liaison: Joe Roth


Grievance Committee

This committee is responsible for REALTOR® Code of Ethics enforcement by acting as a grand jury to select which complaints will be sent on to a hearing. There is a mandatory requirement to attend the IR Professional Standards training in January each year to keep eligibility if selected to serve. The application must accompany the request to serve. Only those who complete the form will be considered for the committee.
Minimum of 12 members. Members will have a staggered 3 year term.
Chair: Laurie Baker Lawlor | Staff Liaison: Becky Carraher


Membership Committee

A monthly list of prospective members will be reviewed in accordance with the NSBAR bylaws. If there is a valid objection this committee will serve as the hearing panel for the appeal. This important committee works to promote a rewarding membership experience through engagement of members into the activities and advantages offered by the association, and growth of the membership body.
10 members. 2 year term.
Chair: Keith Hancock | Vice-Chair: Eric Shoemaker | Staff Liaison: Kim Davis


Professional Services Committee

The purpose of the Professional Services Committee is to review the current Banking and Investment policies/procedures, Investment growth and allocations, Association Insurance policies, Employee benefits and employee health insurance plans.
8 members. 2 year term.
Chair: Scott Lackie | Vice-Chair: Dan Schermerhorn | Staff Liaison: Steve Volkodav


Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee is broken down into Hearing Panels that are assigned to a particular ethics complaint or arbitration request that has been forwarded on from the Grievance Committee for a hearing. The function of the Hearing Panel is to conduct a full due process hearing with sworn testimony, witnesses and evidence. If the function of the Grievance Committee is similar to that of a grand jury, the Professional Standards Committee is understood as similar to a court. As a member of the Professional Standards Committee, you will be expected to attend the hearing to which you are assigned, prepared, on time, and in full. You will be asked if you are available prior to your appointment on any case. The case will be mailed to you at least two weeks in advance to allow time to prepare. Professional Standards Committee members are also required to attend at least three training sessions per year. Mandatory training will require at least 12 hours per year.
Members will have a staggered 3 year term.
Chair: Caroline Gau | Staff Liaison: Becky Carraher


Young Professionals Network (YPN)

Young Professionals Network (YPN) We become better REALTORS® through connecting, educating, and networking events that are surrounded by the fundamental principles of purpose-driven education and well-connected learning while developing new leaders within the Association.
11 members. 1 year term.
Chair: Brady Andersen | Vice-Chair: Danielle Thompson | Staff Liaison: Rachael Grzyb