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First Time Broker and have not previously renewed my license

Renewal Deadline: 4/30/2020

Brokers Licensed prior to 2/1/2018:

  1. 4 Hours CORE Credit
  2. 8 Hours Elective Credit


Brokers License on or after 2/1/2018:

  1. 30 Hour Broker Post– License course taken before 4/30/2020


Brokers who will be licensed on or after 2/1/2020:

  1. No C.E. due until 4/30/2022 at which time the 30-Hour Broker Post License Course will be required


How Can You Complete Your Requirements?

  1. The 15-Hour Broker Post License Topics Home Study Course combined with the 15-Hour Broker Post License Applied Real Estate Practices Interactive course will satisfy the requirements.
  1. Webinar Format - convenient interactive course webinars. More information.
  2. Classroom Education Course Schedule - NSBAR Broker Post License Course Calendar.


What Do I Do Now that I Have Completed My CE Requirements?

Once you have completed your required continuing education, you may then pay your LICENSE RENEWAL FEE of $150.00, to IDFPR online. Broker renewal opens general in mid-February of each even year. Licenses are now available to be printed by Brokers.

The License Renewal Fee must be paid on or before April 30 of the renewal year. If not, a $50.00 penalty fee will be assessed in addition to your License Renewal Fee. 

Quick Links

  1. Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) IDFPR Real Estate Division Main Page – provides quick, easy access to the IDFPR website, all things real estate.
  2. IDFPR Real Estate Education Section – find IDFPR education forms such as renewal applications, license applications, lists of pre-license and CE schools approved in Illinois, and real estate curriculum information.
  3. IDFPR Real Estate License Lookup – find the status of any professional license here.
  4. IDFPR Real Estate Continuing Education Lookup – find the status of a Licensee’s CE requirements.